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“A man who stops advertising to save money

is like a man who stops a clock to save time.”

– Henry Ford

We do not charge by CPC or CPM.  See Sizes & Costs for details.

Graphics to be made for the header ad spaces are a separate fee – discounts available for annual and semi-annual agreements if paid in full at the time of order.

All business advertising must be directly related to gun and/or knife shows. 

Notice, there will be a graphic fee for any advertisement to be made by GunShows-USA’s graphic designer, or make your own (the costs are the same for placement).

Side Note: Web graphics are sized differently than print-ready graphics, we do not publish print-ready graphics in our header. We make or accept only the sizes described on this website.


Advertise in our side column for $50.00 per month, per page
(get 6 months for the cost of 5 months or 12 months for the cost of 10 months if paid in full upon ordering)

Graphics are sold separately –>  $50.00 static / $100.00 animated.


Square Header spaces – 350 pixels wide by 250 pixels high – $250.00 per month ($3,000.00 per year).

Annual – Prepay in full for a discounted price of 12 months for the price of 10 months ($2,500.00 discounted price – saves $500.00).

Semi-annual – Prepay in full for a discounted price of 6 months for the price of 5 months ($1,250.00 discounted price – saves $250.00).

There is room for up 4 Square Header advertisements.

*Colossal Leaderboard Header Space
1,200 pixels wide by 240 pixels high

GRAPHICS COSTS for header advertising

  • Square Header 350×250 – $150.00 static/$200.00 animated
  • Colossal Leaderboard Header 1200×240 – $200.00 static/$250.00 animated


  • Header ad spaces are reserved for business advertising only, shows will not be listed in these areas.
  • Every ad space is dedicated to one business per space. Rotating multiple business advertisements in one space is not allowed on this website.
  • All businesses advertised on our website must be related to guns, knives, militaria, antique weapon, ammunition, prepper, conceal/carry, or armor, including venues that allow such events.
  • Making your own graphic does not cancel the monthly obligations.


  • The images in our header spaces can be linked back to the promoter’s website or page of choice.
  • We offer the spaces on a monthly basis, quarterly, semi-annual, or a full-year commitment.
  • Quarterly, Semi-annual and Annual agreements are on a contract basis, thus, first-month payment is the minimum requirement to get started.
  • Monthly basis – the first month must be paid in full and in advance prior to publications, this option does not include discounts.
  • Discounted prices and prorating are offered for semi-annual, and annual agreements only.
  • Those already locked into an agreement will not be affected by any price changes until the agreement has come full term.
  • The monthly basis can be prorated for the first month only.
  • All monthly billing is sent at the beginning of each month.
  • For questions concerning monthly terms, please email us.


All billing for this option is via PayPal only.

Invoices for monthly services are due upon receipt – a leeway of 5 days is given from the invoice date.

If monthly invoices are not paid within 5 business days of the invoice due date then a 1.5% late fee may start to accumulate beginning the day after the due date and will continue to accumulate every 30 days from the original due date for up to 90 days – after 90 days of no payment, listing services will be interrupted until payment in full has been received.

Set up recurring payment options with us to avoid late fees and service interruptions.

Contact us to place orders

E-mail: gunshows@gmail.com

Office 870-321-6823
Monday – Friday 10:00 am – 4:00 pm CST