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“A man who stops advertising to save money

is like a man who stops a clock to save time.”

– Henry Ford

We don’t charge by the month for show listings!

So, the longer your listing is on our website, the better chances of
it being noticed in plenty of time to make arrangements to vend or to attend.

All show listings are on a “Per Show” basis and include all show information that the promoter wants (the more the information, the smaller the text will become to make room) and imagery (many prefer just to add their logo).

Promoters are welcome to submit their own banners, however, the cost to place and list them on this website is the same as the cost of the banners – see banner examples for costs and dimensions.

Should you choose to make your own, please save them as either a jpeg, png, or gif format.

Details for making personalized banners need to be included in requests, if there are images to add, please attach them to your e-mail with your banner order information.

  • Images can be in jpeg, png, or gif format.
  • Logos are better with transparent backgrounds.
  • Not all images are usable, if there are issues, you will be notified of the issues and what needs to be done to rectify them.

Banners can be linked to the promoter’s website, coupon pdf, show flyer pdf, social media page of their choice, or google map of the venue.
Only one link per banner, all other links can be added to the event listing details.


List all your shows (10 or more) in a banner and/or highlight format and receive a complimentary side listing box in the right column.

The complimentary side listings are only complimentary when all the promoter’s shows are listed in a banner or highlighted format. In addition, there must be a minimum of 10 shows per year, additional shows not in the banner or highlighted format will not appear in the complimentary side listing box.

Otherwise, there is a $25.00 monthly fee for a space on that column to advertise (gun/knife/prepper/militaria) show listings.

Banner listings are not highlighted, basic listings are highlighted, see the Basic Listings page for more details


GunShows-USA does not provide tracking links, promoters who wish to have their banners tracked must provide the appropriate tracking links.

We do not charge by the month for show listings.

Complimentary side listings are reserved for promoters who advertise all of their shows in banner format, which must be a minimum of 10 per year.

ONLY Gun, Knife, Militaria, Antique Weapons Collectors, and Prepper shows accepted.

  • We do not list car/bike shows, flea markets, homesteading events, or any other type of event that is not specifically gun/knife show-related. 


The examples below are banners with show information typed above the banner ad. We do not highlight the show information that is with banner ads. Your *logo may be added or ethical image designs may be used.
*A logo is a graphic mark, emblem, or symbol used to aid and promote public identification and recognition of the company or business.

In the text portion of your listing,

Upon request, your venue and its address may be linked to a google map.

SMALL – 500 pixels wide x 90 pixels high – $55.00 per show listing  – All of the show listing information above the ad included, free of charge, in the paragraph-sized font.  ($25.00 additional per banner per additional state page placement). 

MEDIUM – 700 pixels wide x 130 pixels high – $80 per show listing – All of the show listing information above the ad included, free of charge, in the paragraph-sized font. ($40.00 additional per banner per additional state page placement). 

LARGE – 900 pixels wide by 180 pixels high – $110.00 per show listing – All of the show listing information included above the ad, free of charge, in the paragraph-sized font. ($55.00 additional per banner per additonal state page placement).

SUPER (formerly ‘Extraordinaire’) – 500 pixels wide by 320 pixels high – $150.00 per show listing – All show listing information included above the ad, free of charge, in the super-size font. ($75 additional per banner per additional state page placement). 

COLOSSAL BANNER 1200X240 – $200.00 static per show (add $50.00 for animation)
All of the show listing information included above the ad, free of charge, in the paragraph-sized font. ($100.00 additional per banner per additional state page placement).

To order listings, contact us either by e-mail or phone.

E-mail | gunshows@gmail.com

Phone | 870-321-6823

Office hours are Monday – Friday 10 am-4 pm (CST/CDT) Central Time Zone

FB & messenger are not suggested for submitting show listings. 

If you need graphics for other use, please notify our graphic designer, Raschelle. All payments for such graphics are payable to her, at her cost.
Designs are subject to her moral and ethical codes and do not necessarily reflect ours.
You may contact Raschelle, via our email gunshows@gmail.com. Add, “Raschelle – Graphics For Other Use” in the subject line.
Or, email her at, designsbyraschelle@gmail.com



Updating any form of published listings  – * Notification changes are free. One free date change within 14 days of the original show date and/or venue change within 50 miles of the original venue (after publication) per canceled original listing, all additional changes will be considered a new listing at the full listing cost.

  • Notification changes are additions of words such as “Canceled” or “Postponed”


All discounts are given at the discretion of the owner or administrator. 


If the banners have been made and published then we do not make deductions or give credit or refunds for show cancellations.

Two-Weeks or Fifty-Miles Credit Policy for Listings

The Credit Policy refers to changes after publication.

  • Shows moved to a venue within 50 miles of the original venue for the same date may be credited – Only one credited listing per venue change with the same date.
  • Show dates changed within 2 weeks of the original date, at the same venue may be credited – Only one credited listing date change at the same venue.

All listings that do not fall within the Two-Weeks or Fifty-Miles Credit Policy are full price.

To avoid additional advertising costs on our website, be sure to get the dates and venues verified before requesting advertising. Otherwise, all listing requests are required to be paid for. 

It is solely up to the promoter to contact us with updates – please keep us up to date with your changes. Thank you.


Most billing will be via PayPal. A credit or debit card is required to pay the invoices. You do not have to have a PayPal account to pay the PayPal invoice billing. Checks are accepted as well, the mailing address is listed below.

  • All billing is from Kurburski Web Development, LLC – the parent company of GunShows-USA.
  • For PayPal invoicing, please be sure to include a working, well-maintained email address for the person responsible for paying the bills.

If paying by PayPal-to-PayPal, the email address is gunshows@gmail.com.

Mailing Address for Payments by Check:

Earl Kurburski
411 Forest Drive
Mountain Home, AR 72653

Please be sure to include the order information with your check, or invoice # if available.

If you choose to have your marketer as your communication with us, please be advised, we usually do not work with third-party marketers.
Exceptions to this rule are on a per-client basis.

Choose to be placed on a recurring payment plan and never worry about invoices or late fees.

You do have the option to call with your credit or debit card for making payments over the phone.

We accept most cards including American Express, Discover, Master Card, Visa, and PayPal.

GunShows-USA does not accept cryptocurrency of any form.

All personal information, email, and card information are kept private and secure.
GunShows-USA will not sell personal information, emails, and private information to any entity for any reason.



Gunshows-USA.com was created in 2000 as a hobby-free Tripod site using the free module Composer in Netscape.  I switched the domain registration and hosting to paid services in 2001 and have been building it ever since to the point where it became the number one go-to site for info to find gun shows throughout the United States. From the beginning, I wanted to ensure that we listed all shows regardless of size and have offered free listings for 20 years.  Unfortunately during the COVID shutdowns over the last few months, we have been maintaining the information on cancellations, etc., we have been taking in little to no income.  Therefore we find it necessary to begin charging a minimum charge of $10.00 per show listing (generic/basic listings are now $10.00 per show to list).
In addition, in the past, we would run cancellations,  rescheduled, and/or relocated shows at no cost.  If the only change is the date there will be a $10.00 charge.  We will charge the full banner price if it is necessary to completely redo the graphic on the banner.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and hope that we will be able to continue being the best go-to site for gun show information on the internet.

GunShows-USA is America-based, American-owned, and American-operated.

All offers on this page are subject to changes.