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Raschelle will be on vacation from Sunday May 18, 2018 through Sunday May 25, 2018;
she will not be available to take calls, fill orders, or make updates during that week.

Refresh you browser often for the latest updates as this site is constantly updating show listings and other information.


Your listing(s) must be show(s) – only.

Banners can be linked to one URL only (at this time).
Banners need to be paid for in-advance of publication, call the office to make arrangements.

We do not publish fliers, posters, or any images not meeting the size and show information requirements.

To add google or other browser map to your listing, please add it to your show listing submission information. This is only offered with paid advertising.


Banners with coupon links, please be advised we are redesigning the coupons which we provide, until they have been finalized, we will continue to use the same coupons per promoter as usual; if you prefer to have your banners link to a coupon page in Your Website, please include the link with your show listing submission.

We do not generate coupons for Free listings.


The format for FREE listings has changed as of February 15, 2018
All FREE listings are to be comprised of the date, state, city, promoter name and contact phone number.

See EXAMPLES below 

All free listing submissions prior to February 15, 2018 are not subject to the change;
they will remain as posted unless there is a date, price, venue, or contact change.
However, all free listing submissions after February 15, 2018 will be in the new format. 

We do not accept fliers for free listing submissions,
all free listings submitted in flier format will not be added to the site.


Please submit free listings as the example below shows:

Jan 20-21 OH, Tiffin. Contact: Promoter’s Name, Phone #.

Please refrain from submitting multiple show listings with multiple submission forms.
Add all show listings into one submission form.
Please refer to examples below (there are 2 examples).

Example 1
For multiple show listings at different venues on different dates:

Mar 3-4 KS, Topeka Contact: Promoter’s Name, Phone #.

Apr 5-6 KS, Overland Park. Contact: Promoter’s Name, Phone #..

May 7-8 KS, Wichita. Contact: Promoter’s Name, Phone #..

Example 2
For multiple dates at one venue:

Mar 1-2 KSTopeka. Contact: Promoter’s Name, Phone #..

Other dates:
Apr 3-4
May 5-6

When there are date, state, city, and/or contact phone # changes to your listings, please resubmit the entire listing(s) with the changes or your changes may not be reflected on this site in time for the shows.


If your listing has a date change, send the entire listing with the new date.
If your listing has a state change, send the entire listing with the new state.
If your listing has a city change, send the entire listing with the new city.
If your listing has a phone number change, send the entire listing with the new phone number.
If your listing is cancelled make sure to let us know what state, city, and date.


Free listings can be highlighted and published in a larger font for $15 per listing.
Although technically these are no longer “Free” listings, they fall under the FREE listing criteria with the exception that links are included.
We do not generate coupons for Free and highlighted listings. 
See EXAMPLE below:

May 26-27 OK, Enid. Contact: Promoter Name, phone number, email, url


Small banner – 500 pixels wide x 90 pixels high – $55.00 per listing – Free listing information included in larger font.

Large banner – 900 pixels wide by 180 pixels high – $110.00 per listing – Free listing information included in larger font.

Banner Extraordinaire – 500 pixels wide by 320 pixels high – $150.00 per listing – Free listing information included in super-size font.

Those who purchase banners for all of their show listings will receive a complimentary side listing on their state page as well, includes links.

NOTE:  All images show smaller than actual size on mobile devices and smaller monitors.

Please include business card information when requesting to be placed on a Vendor / Promoter page. If you choose to purchase banners you will need to call the office to arrange payment first. 870-464-0515, This email does not include attachments option at this time, if you are one of our clients who makes your own banners, please send them via your email.


Promoters and Vendors, when asking to be placed on the Promoter / Vendor pages, please include the information which is on your business card.

Promoters, please include a list of all of the states your shows are in.

Vendors, please include the state in which you operate your business and a brief description of your products and services.