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Refresh Your Browser Often:
As new shows and information is added & changed daily, it is best to refresh your browser often for latest updates.



7/1/2016 Something To Think About - Man's Facebook Post About Traffic Stop Goes Viral - Original story posted October 29, 2015

Too often there are reports of children accidentally shooting themselves, family members, or friends. This alternative summer camp is a great way to teach children responsible arms handling. To read the article, ALTERNATIVE SUMMER CAMP: WHERE CHILDREN LEARN TO SHOOT ASSAULT RIFLES, click on the provided link:


5/10/2016 Congratulations!

Raschelle graduated May 16th, 2016. She has earned her Associates of Applied Science Degree in Information Systems Technology - Graphic Design with a 3.59 GPA! She was place on the Vice Chancellor's list twice in a row and is an honor student in Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. She has numerous works on display at the ASUMH Vada Sheid Art Gallery, her poster design was chosen to represent the Design Show and placed Best in Show. Also, she has other works that have been chosen to represent the college, one of which placed Second in the Illustrator division of the Design Show. And finally, she has been awarded with an Academic Achiever Award for Graphic Design from ASUMH.
Way to go Raschelle!


8/6 2012 Google Drops AdSense on

If you haven't noticed all Google ads disappeared from the site about a month ago.  Google decided we where to weapons related for their taste and dropped the ads from the site.  This in effect cut the revenue for the site in half!   We have been busy finding other advertising networks and are building the sites ad base back up.  We will continue with the service, but maybe not as fast and robust, by adding employees and doing advertising ourselves for a while until we're back to where we where.

The site was created in Feb 2001. 15 full years of online information on locations and dates for gun shows  throughout the United States and Canada.  Here's looking toward another successful year at being the #1 gun show web site on the internet.

You can also find GunShows-USA on Facebook and Twitter: @GunshowsUSA

If you would like to advertise a gun show, you may contact the company via email:

BILL would autorize IRS to deny right to Bear Arms

Obama to Outlaw Guns in Second term

5/7 2012 MAJOR Maintenance work being done.  Converting  all pages to include headers instead of hard coded heads being used.  Viewers may experience some problems loading some pages during the day.  Should be complete by 5:00 pm central standard time!

4/23/2012 We have just added credit card service so promoters can use there cards for payments for additional advertising.  We had fought it for years because of the cost but decided to offer it as an extra service to the folks that have been paying the bills for the site for several years.

3/26/2012 Monday morning and we have our new dedicated servers up and running!  We will be adding new features to the site over the next couple of months as well as continuing to keep up with the listings of all of the latest shows.  Stay tuned and check us out on a regular basis.  As always thank you for using

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