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Feb 13 Catching UP
I am finally starting to catch up with the listings requests for the beginning of the year.  Today I am down to only 46 emails in my inbox.  Hopefully I should be able to catch up with all of the listing requests this week.  For those of you that have been patiently waiting for the listings to appear I would like to remind you that at the present time this is a one man operation and each listing is entered manually.  This is the reason we request that the listings be sent to us in the format that we publish them so we can simply cut and paste them into the site.  It is much faster and more effective that way.  The plain jane listings are free but take much longer to enter if they are sent in different formats.. 
Oct 9 Moving Again
Due to certain private family situations if has become necessary to move back to Mountain Home, Arkansas.  We have purchased a home with an attached office and will be moving our operations to 411 Forest Drive, Mountain Home, Ar 72653 effective immediately.  You should be able to reach Earl at 913-702-4207 on his cell phone. In time the cell phone will become the primary number for 

2014 Dates for first week of January 2014 posted on index page.  The site was created in Feb 2001.  13 full years of online information on locations and dates for gunshows  thoughout the United States and Canada.  Here's looking toward another successful year at being the #1 gun show web site on the internet.


8/6 2012 Google drops AdSense on If you haven't noticed all Google ads disappeared from the site about a month ago.  Google decided we where to weapons related for their taste and droped the ads from the site.  This in effect cut the revenue for the site in half!   We have been busy finding other advertising networks and are building the sites ad base back up.  We will continue with the service but maybe not as fast and robust with adding employess and doing advertising ourselves for awhile until we're back to where we where.

5/31 2012 It's Done!!
Total make over of the site to new layout is complete as of 11:45 am CST and yes I am relieved to have it competed!

5/30 2012 Have almost completed complete makeover of the site.  Still have a few pages to do but have completed all of the states and monthly and yearly date pages.  Still have the additional links and additional information pages to do. What we have done is rearrange some of the elements in order to continue in the top search categories on the search engines.  We have also instituted a includes system which means we had to switch all of our pages from htm, html to shtml format.  For some of you it will mean resetting your favorites so your saved links will go to the right pages but in time this will mean that the site will be a better, more lean, faster running site.

/ Partners with Jennifer Jo Cobb Racing

Sponsorship Offers Unique Marketing Approach

Mooresville, N.C. (May __, 2012) - Jennifer Jo Cobb Racing (JJCR) is fired up about its new partnership., a website that offers up-to-date information on gun shows around the nation, will
serve as an associate sponsor with Cobb’s No. 10 team in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series for
the remainder of the 2012 season.

The agreement between JJCR and is a revolutionary approach to sponsorships.
Rather than making a lump sum payment and receiving decal placement on Cobb’s truck, Gunshows- will pay a low monthly fee to become an official partner of JJCR. JJCR will support the
sponsorship with consistent videos, race ticket giveaways, a driver appearance and social media
announcements. This unique marketing effort makes sponsorships affordable to small and midsize
businesses and gives them a larger presence among the racing community.

Obregon Construction, LLC was the first organization to partner with JJCR in this type of marketing

“JJCR is very excited to partner with,” Cobb said. “I know that race fans will enjoy
their website and find it very helpful. It is going to have a lot of cool prizes and race ticket giveaways in
the next few months, so stay tuned. They are a great demographic match for NASCAR racing.”

“This is a unique way for our website to advertise,” says owner, Earl Kurburski. “I
started researching Jennifer and her team and wondered if I could afford to be affiliated with NASCAR
through them. She presented these ideas and it just made sense to move forward.” Gunshows- is receiving tickets for giveaways to its website visitors, a driver appearance, videos and social
media support.

“They’re getting a lot more than just a decal on the truck. This is a perfect option for them and other small
to midsize businesses that can afford a small monthly investment, versus a large per-race cost. This
package is possible because of our rapidly growing fan base and all of our support on Twitter and
Facebook. Our fan response is incredible and we try to make our social media outlets supportive,
informative and with options for fans to receive prizes from our sponsors,” said Cobb.

“This will be our first race team sponsorship. I know that Jennifer’s fans and race fans alike are extremely
passionate and very dedicated. We’re proud to support her team. They offered us a tremendous
opportunity with constant support. Her Facebook fans and Twitter followers are perfect compliments to
our website efforts.”

You can also find on Facebook and Twitter: @GunshowsUSA

If you would like to advertise a gun show, you may contact the company via email:

BILL would autorize IRS to deny right to Bear Arms

Obama to Outlaw Guns in Second term

5/7 2012 MAJOR Maintenance work being done.  Converting  all pages to include headers instead of hard coded heads being used.  Viewers may experience some problems loading some pages during the day.  Should be complete by 5:00 pm central standard time!

4/23/2012 We have just added credit card service so promoters can use there cards for payments for additional advertising.  We had fought it for years because of the cost but decided to offer it as an extra service to the folks that have been paying the bills for the site for several years.

3/26/2012 Monday morning and we have our new dedicated servers up and running!  We will be adding new features to the site over the next couple of months as well as continuing to keep up with the listings of all of the latest shows.  Stay tuned and check us out on a regular basis.  As always thank you for using