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Alabama, Alaska-Hawaii, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, lllinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusett 
, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, MissouriMontana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hamp, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dak, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon,
 Penns, Rhode Is, South Carolina, South Dak, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West VA, Wisconsin, Wyoming, Canada

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Earl Kurburski ** Kurburski Web Development, LLC,
411 Forest Drive
Mountain Home, Arkansas 72653


Listings of gun shows and knife shows on are free.  Shows do need to be submitted by the promoters either by e-mail to or by regular mail.  Promoters may also feel free to call and discuss their listings at any time. 

We would appreciate if listings where submitted in the following format using the font Arial & size 10 pt:
Date (3 letter month days separated by hyphen, i.e.  Dec 12-13) State, City,  building name, address of building, # & size of table and price (120 8' tbls $50.) admission price.  (Adm: $5) additions to prices.  Dealer Set up hours, Show hours, Promoter contact info (name, number, email, website)

See the following example:

Nov 10-11 WA Centralia SW Washington Fairgrounds I-5 Exit 79, 2555 N National Ave 150 Tbls  SU:Fri 3-7, Sat 7-9 Sun 8-9 SH: Sat. 9-5, Sun. 9-3 A: $6  email: 503 363-9564



If you move your show to a new venue in the same town, or change the date of the show at the same venue we do not charge for the new banners. We do not refund for cancelled shows or give credit for cancellations against other show banners. 


Earl Kurburski**  Kurburski Web Development, LLC,
411 Forest Drive
Mountain Home, Arkansas 72653
Office phone:870-293-4394
Cell phone: 913-702-4207
For show info please call the Promoters directly!!
Office Hours:  Mon-Fri  10:00 am to 4:00 pm
Phone: 870-293-4394
For show info please call the Promoters directly!!
Are our additional services worth the cost?  Only you can decide that.  However all of the major promoters are using our added services to advertise there shows.  Call one of them and ask them why they spend the money they do on ads on  There are other gun show sites on the internet but do they get the same amount of traffic as we do? has been the number one search result for gun shows on Google for over 7 years.  We get the traffic.  You can go to and see just how many visitors we receive every day for your self, .

Additional services available:

The inexpensive highlighted listings that where being offered to the smaller promoters are no longer going to be available

Experience has shown that as much time is often spent on these small ads as what was being spent on the larger banner ads.  I often run behind in listing the shows due to backlogs.  By eliminating the non profitable but just as time consuming ads, I will be able to devote more time to other aspects of the site.  For those promoters who feel $50.00 is to expensive to advertise there show on the most widely used gun show site on the internet we will continue to offer the free listings.  Just please understand, you getting what you pay for.  We do not include the extra sales pitches in the free listings.  We include the place time, hours of show and contact info like phone number and web link

OK We'll try it again. Special highlighted banners will be available.  Until further notice we will include your free listing in a colored box for $15.00 per listing.  Example follows:

NNo special sales pitches or graphics.  Its your free ad in box with color and one larger font size than free ad.

Banner ad containing all info on show.  $50.00 one time charge for duration of listing Most popular size ad!!
Oct 7-9 VA Chantilly, 1000+ tbls SOLD OUT A: $12 per day $18 3-day pass SH: Fri 3-8 Sat 9-5, Sun 10-5 C&E Gun Shows Inc 540-953-0016 more info Also Showmasters Gun Shows  Inc 540-951-1

Double the size, Large banner ad.  $100.00  one time charge for duration of listing.

Top of the state page Super sized banner $150.00 per month.  Directly under State title on very top of page.  Room for only one such ad per state page.
Minnesota Gun & Knife Shows


Copy of Banner ad on another state page 1/2 of normal charge, one time charge for duration of listing
300 x 250 banner ad on  side of state page $150.00 3 month listing $300.00 full year
300 x 250 animated gif banner on left side of state page $200.00 3 month listing $500.00 full Year
720 x 160 banner ad at very top of state page $150.00 per month
300 x 250 static ad on home page side column $100.00 per month $1000 full year
300 x 250 animated gif banner on home page side column $250.00 3 month listing $750. full year
120 x 90  header file above the fold on all pages $500.00 per month

All additional services  are paid in advance when the order is placed.  No work on placing the banners will be done until payment is made.  No contracts are made with 3rd party ad agencies.  No added tracking code may be added to the ad in any way.  If you need stats on how much traffic you receive due to the ad you will need to use server side stat programs  on your website.  All ads are placed in the best position for the page at the determination of the webmaster and positions on the page are not sold on a position basis.

Commercial NON GUN SHOW ADS placed on an individual basis with individual pricing.  For exact quotes call 870-293-4394 from 10:00 to 4:00 central standard time.   Rates run from $50 to $500.00 per month depending on size and placement

For complete information concerning traffic stats on Gunshows-USA visit: our stats page.
Additional customized adds and combinations are on a per quote basis.

payments may be sent by mail  to:
Earl Kurburski**  Kurburski Web Development, LLC,
411 Forest Drive
Mountain Home, Arkansas

Accepting all card by phone at 870-293-4394 Credit Card Logos
or by PayPal  to the account of

Just a thought for the day, A man who stops advertising to save money is like a man who stops his clock to save time.









Now accepting credit cards for advertising by phone
 Credit Card Logos


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