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All event listings below the header on this website are gun shows unless otherwise marked.

All event listings appear by date, then state, and then alphabetically by city.


Generic Listings

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Generic listings are comprised of the dates the state and city the venue and address the table information the show hours and admission prices and the contact information for vendors to contact the promoter.

Generic listings do not include sales-hypes such as food & beverage, free giveaways, door prizes, and the likes.

Months are to be in abbreviation format: Jan Feb Mar
Days are also to be in abbreviation format: Fri Sat Sun

Please do not submit your free/highlighted listing information in flyer format, we do not accept flyers for free/highlighted listings information.

Please see the FREE GENERIC LISTING FORMAT below for how to submit your free/highlighted listing information.

We offer two generic listing formats; Free and Highlighted.


Jan 1-2 ST, City. The venue, address. # Tables: $x.xx. Set up: Day hr-hr. Show hours: Day hr-hr, Day hr-hr. Adm: $x.xx. Contact: Promoter name phone, e-mail, website URL

HIGHLIGHTED GENERIC LISTING EXAMPLE: (Please submit your listing information in the Free Generic Listing format).

Highlight the generic listing for $15.00 each. When you request the highlighted listing all you need to do is supply the generic show information. If you have a color preference please state it, be advised, dark colors are not used for highlighting.

Jan 1-2 ST, City. The venue, address. # Tables: $x.xx. Set up: Day hr-hr. Show hours: Day hr-hr, Day hr-hr. Adm: $x.xx. Contact: Promoter name phone, e-mail, website URL

Highlighted listings will automatically be billed to the email address provided on the listing form. Please be sure to provide the e-mail address for the person responsible for paying the invoice. Listings will not be highlighted until the invoice is paid, listings will be added in the free format until the invoice is paid; once the invoice is paid the listings paid for will be highlighted.

If you have multiple listings already scheduled, please use one form to submit them.

Each venue with multiple dates only needs a one-time detailed listing, add the additional dates below that venue’s first listing information.

To update your listings, please be sure to include the original listing date, state, and city that needs the updates – along with the updated information.

Social media links are not allowed in generic listings.

We do not generate coupons or flyers for generic listings.

Gun, Knife, Militaria, Antique Weapons Collectors, and Prepper shows accepted. 

Banner orders made be made via the banner listings page To order banners, please click here

Fill out the form below for free or highlighted generic listings

If you have multiple shows, please include them all in one form.

If you want free listings but want to highlight certain shows in your list, please submit those show listings in a separate form and mark them as “highlighted”.


*NOTE CONCERNING PAYPAL PAYMENTS VIA INVOICING – if the invoice is paid but payment is not received, this means the payment is pending. Once the payment is received the order will be filled.

If you don’t want to use the below form to order you are welcome to email us at or call Raschelle at 870-706-7096

Please tell us about your event. Please be sure to include the promoter's or contact person's phone number, e-mail address; and if possible, website URL.
You do not need to fill this out for free listings.