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Basic Listings

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“A man who stops advertising to save money

is like a man who stops a clock to save time.”

– Henry Ford

We don’t charge by the month!

So, the longer your listing is on our website, the better chances of
it being noticed in plenty of time to make arrangements to vend or to attend.

Generic listings are now referred to as ‘Basic’ listings

Regarding Basic and Highlighted Basic Listings

As of August 27, 2020, basic listings are no longer free, the cost for basic listings is now $10.00 per listing.  Because of this cost increase, the cost of highlighted basic listings has increased.

Date and Venue Changes Policy:

  • Fully credited: Shows canceled then rescheduled within 15 days of their original show date at the same venue or within 50 miles of the original venue.
  • Not credited: Show date or venue changes after 15 days of the original show date, and venue changes to venues further than 50 miles from the original venue.

*NOTE: The Date and Venue Changes Policy is subject to the owner’s right to override.



All last-minute orders require payment in full before services are rendered, last-minute is within 15 days of the show’s first set-up date for the vendors.


Basic Listings: $10.00 per listing

Highlighted Basic Listings: $25.00 per listing

Basic listings are generic, in text format only. They are comprised of the dates, state, city, venue and address, vendor table information, show hours and admission prices, and contact information for vendors to contact the promoter.  Basic listings do not include sales-hypes such as food & beverage, free giveaways, and the likes, door prizes and the likes, or social media links (unless social media is the only online presence the promoter has). Update 2/11/2021: Basic listings will also include the show title.

  • Months are abbreviated: Jan Feb Mar – Days are abbreviated: Fri Sat Sun
  • Please submit your basic listing information in either a Word document attachment or just type it in your email message area.
  • Please do not submit your basic/highlighted listing in Excel format (or table), this format will cause a delay in getting the listings added and they may not be added in time for the events.
  • Please do not submit your basic/highlighted listing information in flyer format, we do not accept flyers for generic/highlighted listings information.

Please see the BASIC LISTING FORMAT EXAMPLE BELOW for how to type up your basic/highlighted listing information.

Upgrade costs are reduced by the amount paid for the original listing if it is an upgrade for an already listed show.
In other words, if you purchase the highlighted basic listing option for your next three dates, then decided later on to try a banner listing for one of those listings, the price you paid for the highlighted listing will be deducted from the banner price.

BASIC LISTING EXAMPLE – The following example is how basic listings will appear on this website:

Jan 1-2 ST, City. The venue, address. # Tables: $x.xx. Set up: Day hr-hr. Show hours: Day hr-hr, Day hr-hr. Adm: $x.xx. Contact: Promoter name phone, e-mail, website URL

HIGHLIGHTED BASIC LISTING EXAMPLE – The following example is how highlighted basic listings will appear on this website (colors will vary):

(Highlighted basic listings are in the Basic Listing format with a colored background).

Highlight the basic listing for $25.00 each. When you request the highlighted listing all you need to do is supply the basic show information. If you have a color preference please state it, be advised, dark colors are not used for highlighting. (Highlighted generic listing costs include the generic listing cost of $10.00 plus the highlight cost of $15.00).

Jan 1-2 ST, City. The venue, address. # Tables: $x.xx. Set up: Day hr-hr. Show hours: Day hr-hr, Day hr-hr. Adm: $x.xx. Contact: Promoter name phone, e-mail, website URL


Generic listing updates – * Notification changes are free. One free date change per canceled original listing, all additional changes will be considered a new listing at the full listing cost.

  • Notification changes are additions of words such as “Canceled” or “Postponed”.


Billing & Payments are done via PayPal invoicing. You do not have to have a PayPal account to pay the invoice. All major credit/debit cards are accepted, including PayPal.

When ordering generic or highlighted listings, please be sure to provide the e-mail address of the person responsible for paying the invoice.

Past-Due Payments: There is a 1.5% fee on the original invoice balance, plus, Listings will not be published until the invoice is paid or payment by phone has been received, in addition, listings listed on the invoice which are still in publication on this website are subject to removal.


Gunshows-USA.com was created in 2000 as a hobby free Tripod site using the free module Composer in Netscape.  I switched the domain registration and hosting to paid services in 2001 and have been building it ever since to the point where it became the number one go-to site for info to find gun shows throughout the United States. From the beginning, I wanted to ensure that we listed all shows regardless of size and have offered free listings for 20 years.  Unfortunately during the COVID shutdowns over the last few months, we have been maintaining the information on cancellations, etc., we have been taking in little to no income.  Therefore we find it necessary to begin charging a minimum charge of $10.00 per show listing (generic/basic listings are now $10.00 per show to list).
In addition, in the past, we would run cancellations,  rescheduled, and/or relocated shows at no cost.  If the only change is the date there will be a $10.00 charge.  We will charge the full banner price if it is necessary to completely redo the graphic on the banner.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and hope that we will be able to continue being the best go-to site for gun show information on the internet.

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