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 [an error occurred while processing this directive] Q.  Why does it sometimes take for ever to get my show listed?

A.  The site is maintained by one person.  Every effort is made to post shows as soon as we receive the information but at times we have promoters sending us full lists for the year.  This is especially true at the beginning of the year.  The listings are all manually entered and require time to do.  We request that the free listings be sent to us in the same format that we post them so that we can simply cut and paste from your email.  If you send the info, even if it is complete, in any other format we are then required to retype the listing to post it.  This of course takes more time and is prone to mistakes.  It is also worth mentioning that it seems to take more time to correct a mistake in a listing than it does to post it orginally.  Information on how to submit your listings can be found aon the listing info page at:

Q. While your site is helpful it is confusing.  Why is it when I look up shows in Mississippi there will be shows listed in Arkansas, Georgia, Florida, etc. with the big banners?  It seems that if you let your site to be searched by state, you would only list those in that state.  If it is illegal to buy a handgun from a neighboring state, why would you allow them to advertise for different states and clog up the state that you are looking for?

A.  The website is supported only by advertising.  The ads that cross across state lines cross only states directly next to your state.  This started when a promoter in South Haven Mississippi wanted to attract customers and dealers from Tenn (South Haven is on the stateline south of Memphis) to his show. Other promoters saw the value of having their ads on states next to them to draw customers and dealers across the state lines.
      Although it is more difficult to purchase some guns over others across different states it is not illegal.  You can purchase a handgun in any state from a FFL dealer who can send it NOT to you but to a FFL dealer in your state where you can then pick it up.  At the present time there ar no restrictions concerning buying ammo or other accessories across state lines.
       The web site started as a hobby venture and took 4-5 hours of my time to maintain. It is now a full time job of 1 and 1/2 persons.  I need to provide my help with paychecks.  I really don't know any other way of providing that income without selling advertising.  As long as the promoters are willing to pay for the ads across state lines I see it as additional revenue to pay the necessary bills to continue maintaining the site.  If they find they are not getting additional customers and dealers they will stop getting the ads.
       I agree with you that the site is designed to have people look at different pages for shows in the different states.  You would be surprised though as to how many don't look anywhere but at their state or the home page.  I got a email last week from a guy in Washington that couldn't find the shows listed for Spokane because there where no shows in Spokane for the next 4 weeks and he didn't understand that he needed to look at the Washington page!  A lot of our users have to get someone else to go to the site for them to get the information.  When I was doing the shows as a vendor it amazed me that almost 30% of the attendees claimed they didn't even HAVE a computer in their house let alone access to the internet!  Every week I would be informed that not
only did they not have a computer it would be cold day in #$%^ before they ever would.  So, though I agree with you that it really shouldn't be necessary or even worthwhile for the advertisements to be placed on adjacent states, I do understand why the promoters are receiving benefits from doing so.

Q:  How do I find shows just in my state?

A:  On the top of every page is a big block containing the names of each of the states.  If you click onto any of those states you will be taken to a page containing the shows for your state.

Q.  How do I get a show listed on the site?

A.  Send the information on your show to us and we will post it for you.  You can email it to or send it by postal service to 205 S. Fifth St. Suite 18, Leavenworth, KS 66048.  The information should include the state, city and building location, # & $ of tables, Admission price, Dealer set-up times, Show hours and most important of all contact information where folks can get more info..  website address, email address and phone number.

Q:  How can I submit a question or suggestion and does someone really look at it and care?

A.  Send any questions to And yes I read and answer every email I receive.  I also have made several changes to the site over the years based on questions and suggestions.

Q.  I have such and such product and I am interested in selling it at your events.  Can you please advise me  as to how to apply to do that?

A. does NOT put on the shows.  Every show is different and promoted (ran and managed) by different individual companys.  These companies rent the venue for the show and then rent out space to individual vendors so they can sell there products at the show.  Each show sets up its own rules as to what can and can not be sold at the show.  In the case of food this is many times determined by the venue itself.  In any case if you want to be a vendor contact the promoter of the show you are interested in doing to get the info you need.




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