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Descriptions & Pricing

“A man who stops advertising to save money is like a man who stops a clock to save time.”

– Henry Ford


When requesting advertising space via email, please include your phone number in your email so we can get in touch with you. 

Want to advertise your business with us?  We offer top-of-the-line ad spaces for all vendors who wish to get their businesses noticed. We have advertisement spaces on every page of the site. The header spaces are site-wide, that is they appear on every page of the site.


As of April 1, 2018 costs are thus (all clients, current & new, are subject to the changes):

LARGE Header spaces – $250.00 per month ($3,000.00 per year) See Special Offers for other options.

SMALL Header spaces – $100.00 per month ($1,200.00 per year) See Special Offers for other options.


  • Header ad spaces are reserved for business advertising only, no shows will be listed in these areas. 
  • All businesses located in our header must be gun-knife-prepper related. 
    • Promoters and Vendors are businesses and therefore welcomed to take advantage of this offer for advertising their organization.

Month-to-month requires a minimum of one month, no contract required.



This option offers two free months (12 months for the price of 10) if paid in full in advance for business advertising.


This option offers one free month (6 months for the price of 5) if paid in full in advance for business advertising.


Promoters who purchase 10 or more show listing banner advertisements per year will receive a 10% discount.


Banners can be linked to one URL only (at this time).
Banners need to be paid for in-advance of publication, call the office to make arrangements.

We do not publish fliers, posters, or any images not meeting the size and show information requirements.

To add google or other browser maps, please add it to your show listing submission information. This is only offered with paid advertising. Tracking links can be added to banners, you must provide the links when submitting the listing information, GunShows-USA does not provide tracking links.


Those who purchase banners for all of their show listings will receive a complimentary side listing on their state page as well, includes links.


Banners with coupon links, please be advised we are redesigning the coupons which we provide, until they have been finalized, we will continue to use the same coupons per promoter as usual; if you prefer to have your banners link to a coupon page in Your Website, please include the link with your show listing submission.

We do not generate coupons for Free listings.



The format for FREE listings has changed as of February 15, 2018
All FREE listings are to be comprised of the date, state, city, promoter name and contact phone number.

See EXAMPLES below 

All free listing submissions prior to February 15, 2018 are not subject to the change;
they will remain as posted unless there is a date, price, venue, or contact change.
All free listing and information change submissions after February 15, 2018 will be in the new format. 

We do not accept fliers for free listing submissions,


Please submit free listings as the example below shows:

Jan 20-21 OH, Tiffin. Contact: Promoter’s Name, Phone #.

Please refrain from submitting multiple show listings with multiple submission forms.
Add all show listings into one submission form.
Please refer to examples below (there are 2 examples).

Example 1
For multiple show listings at different venues on different dates:

Mar 3-4 KS, Topeka Contact: Promoter’s Name, Phone #.

Apr 5-6 KS, Overland Park. Contact: Promoter’s Name, Phone #..

May 7-8 KS, Wichita. Contact: Promoter’s Name, Phone #..

Example 2
For multiple dates at one venue:

Mar 1-2 KSTopeka. Contact: Promoter’s Name, Phone #..

Other dates:
Apr 3-4
May 5-6


For those wishing to have their listings more noticeable, we offer highlighted listings for $15 per listing.
We do not generate coupons for Free and highlighted listings. 
See EXAMPLE below:

Date, STATE, City. Venue and address. table count and cost, set up dates and times, show days and times, admission prices, contact information: Promoter Name, phone number, email, Website


All banner listings include all show information that the promoter wants (the more the information, the smaller the text will become to make room) and imagery (many prefer just to add their logo).

Small banner – 500 pixels wide x 90 pixels high – $55.00 per listing – All of the show listing information above the ad included, free of charge, in 12 point font. ($25.00 per adjacent state)

Large banner – 900 pixels wide by 180 pixels high – $110.00 per listing – All of the show listing information included above the ad, free of charge, in 12 point font. ($55.00 per adjacent state)

Banner Extraordinaire – 500 pixels wide by 320 pixels high – $150.00 per listing – All show listing information included above the ad, free of charge, in super-size font. (adjacent costs TBA)

All images show smaller than actual size on mobile devices and smaller monitors and screens.


Refunds and exchanges are done so on a situational basis.

Those that will be done without hesitation include emergencies such as extreme weather conditions and dangerous developments in building conditions.
All other situations will be considered prior to making any decision.



Animations are entertaining and that is what multitudes of viewers like to see.  A static advertisement can get the message across just as easily as an animated advertisement, but animations are just plain fun to watch.  Whether you choose a static ad or an animated ad is totally up to you, but remember, it is the viewer who you are trying to reach.

With attractive and/or entertaining advertisements promoters generally get a better viewer statistic.  Animation does take time (and effort) to design and set in motion, but the cost is worth it if that animation generates more viewers and brings more people to your shows.

Animation is $50 per advertisement regardless of the size of the ad because, as mentioned before, they take time and effort to design and set in motion.

Animated Example

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