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GunShows-USA is not a promoter & does not rent out tables. For table questions, promoter information is listed with each show listing.

GunShows-USA cannot offer any legal advice, and cannot state whether vendors do background checks or not.


Business Advertising

“A man who stops advertising to save money

is like a man who stops a clock to save time.”

– Henry Ford

Advertise your business in our header. Our header spaces are seen site-wide, that is they appear on every page of the site – the site consists of over 200 pages, with thousands of views every day. We do not charge or allow CPC (cost per click) or charge CPM (cost per mile – aka cost per thousand [views/impressions]).

We do not charge by the CPM, we charge by the month, this is because CPM would cost way too much for a business to advertise with.

For example, our CPM rate in July of 2019 for the header area had 7’782’356 million views (impressions) and if we charged $1.00 CPM (cost per 1’000 views), the cost alone for that many views would be over $7,000.00 for the month of July 2019.

This is entirely too much to charge anyone, so we charge a flat rate for advertising on our website.

See Sizes & Costs details below



Side Note: Web graphics are sized differently than print-ready graphics, we do not publish print-ready graphics in our header. We make or accept only the sizes set below:

Square Header spaces – 350 pixels wide by 250 pixels high – $250.00 per month ($3,000.00 per year)

Prepay in full for a discounted price of 12 months for the price of 10 months ($2,500.00 discounted price – saves $500.00)

Prepay in full for a discounted price of 6 months for the price of 5 months ($1,250.00 discounted price – saves $250.00)

Leaderboard Header spaces – 728 pixels wide by 90 pixels high – $175.00 per month ($2,100.00 per year)

Prepay in full for a discounted price of 12 months for the price of 10 months ($1,750.00 discounted price – saves $350.00)

Prepay in full for a discounted price of 6 months for the price of 5 months ($875.00 discounted price – saves $175.00)


Header ad spaces are reserved for business advertising only, no shows will be listed in these areas.

Every ad space is dedicated to one business per space. Rotating multiple business advertisements in one space is not allowed on this website.

All businesses advertised on our website must be gun, knife, militaria, antique weapon, ammunition, prepper, conceal/carry, or armor related, including venues that allow such events.

PROMOTER – VENDOR – GUN CLUBS & SHOOTING RANGES – HOTELS – VENUES – CLASSES (Firearms training, conceal carry, etc.)

(Designated Pages Advertising – subpages only – include promoter, vendor, venue providers, clubs & ranges, hotels, and classes)

Each subpage is specific. 

Each page offers each type of business one text listing with a link to their website for $10.00 per month (late fees apply if not paid after the 5th day of billing date)
A credit or debit card is required for payments. To prevent continued billing please contact us before the end of the final month.

For more details, call 870-706-7096 or email us


All billing will be via PayPal. A credit or debit card is required.

All billing is from Kurburski Web Development, LLC – the parent company of GunShows-USA.

Please be sure to include a well-maintained email address for the person RESPONSIBLE  for paying the bills

Advertising and promotional costs are tax-deductible because they are part of the cost of doing business, just as are items such as payroll, raw materials, leased commercial space and property taxes.

If you choose to have your marketer as your communication with us, please be advised, we do not work with third-party marketers unless they are the responsible party for making payments.
Exceptions to this rule are on a per-client basis.

You do not have to have a PayPal account to pay the PayPal invoice billing.

Invoicing or recurring payment method requires credit or debit card. All monthly payments must be paid in this manner, no acceptions.

Choose to be placed on a recurring payment plan and never worry about invoices or late fees.

You do have the option to call with your credit or debit card for making payments over the phone.

We accept most cards including American Express, Discover, Master Card, Visa, and PayPal.

GunShows-USA does NOT recognize cryptocurrency of any form as real money or as an asset and will not allow the use of such for payments.

Earl:    870-701-3334

OFFICE / Raschelle:    870-706-7096

  • Earl and Raschelle do not share the same office and phone.
  • If you prefer to speak to Earl, please contact him on his phone number
  • If you prefer to speak to Raschelle, please contact her at the office number.
    • Office hours are tentative between the hours of:
      10 am – 5 pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday
      1 pm – 5 pm Wednesday

      • Central Standard Time Zone

All personal and card information is kept private and secure.
GunShows-USA will not sell personal and private information to any entity for any reason.


New discount terms on all our advertising services: Pay your invoice within 5 days and receive a 10% discount (this offer only applies to header advertising).

Concerning PayPal invoices, if payment is not paid within 5 days of the invoice date then the applied discount will be removed on the 6th day and a 1.5% late fee will start to accumulate after 30 days of the 6th day and for every 30 days the bill is not paid.

All offers on this page are subject to changes.

Contact Earl 870-701-3334 (home phone) or Raschelle 870-706-7096 (office phone) or email us at

To advertise your gun show-related business, contact us either by phone or by email