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  Gunshows-USA.com was created to serve the gun show community as a space to promote all gun shows throughout the United States and Canada regradless of sizr.  It is felt by the owner and manager of the site that all gun shows are excellent family events which obviously support the right to bear arms by all in America.  In that effort Gunshows-USA.com will provide free listings for any and all gun shows that provide us with enough information to be useful to our readers.  In that sense we require that all listings contain at the minimum the city and state, Building and location of the show and the basic promoter information with contact information such as phone, or email.  We do not run listings for flea markets, or auctions on the gunshows-usa.cpm site.  We reserve the right to refuse any listing based opon our interpretation of out policies and terms of use. 

    Because it is our intention to promote all gun shows we reserve the right to deny listings to any promoter who negatively advertises in print via newspaper ads, fliers or general mailings against any other gun shows.  We accept the idea of free and open competition in the marketplace and will not support those who claim that simply because they where here first they have a right to a monopoly on that towns gun show.  If another promoter wishes to start a show because he feels he can do a better job it is felt he should be allowed to invest his funds and hard work and show us all what he or she can do.  It is felt strongly that it is not right to bar vendors from existing shows that they have attended without incident for long periods of time simply because they attend the competitors shows as well.  It is also understood that business is business and existing promoters have every right to compete with new competition with hard to compete against programs.  Offering half price tables or free tables in return for support is fair competition.  Offering more services to vendors is fair competition.  Advertising that you offer more variety or less flea market items or a lower entrance price is all fair.

    Gunshows-USA.com started out as a hobby site and has grown over the years into the number one gun show site on the internet.  Along the way it has become necessary to obtain income to support the site.  The site uses two prime sources of income.  Ad networks such as Google adsense and promoters banner ads for individual shows.  Gunshows-USA.com has no control over the content of ad network ads.  We do not necessary support any of the companies and or products that are advertised on the site.  Likewise we do not guarantee the accuracy of statements made by promoters in their ads.  When promters advertise number of tables it is assumed they are advertising the number of tables available for rent to vendors.  It does not mean that all of the tables will be rented and it should not be assumed that all of the tables which are rented will be displaying guns.  Each promoter has the right to decide what type of merchandise vendors he or she will rent tables to.

    Because of the nature of the manner that ad servers provide the ads that appear on the site users need to be aware that these companies are collecting data concerning your internet usage so as to serve you the most meaningful ads possible.  Gunshows-USA.com and Kurburski Web Development, LLC does not collect any type information on its users other than that which is collected by normal stats programs which allow us to review details of users use of the site so as to better improve the site.  Gunshows-USA.com or Kurburski Web Development, LLC will not sell or transfer to any other firm the users infromation unless so ordered by a legal court order.  Users should be aware that the internet is not a secure enviouurment and if you are concerned about anyone knowing that you are interested in viewing a site listing gun shows you shouldn't view it.  Gunshows-USA.com and Kurburski Web Development, LLC has no way of knowing if government agencies are reviewing user logs on our servers without informing us.  We can tell you that we do receive traffic from .gov ip's but assume that traffic to be from individuals working within the government that are interested in gun shows just like the rest of the general population.

    It is very important to understand that Gunshows-USA.com and Kurburski web development does not put on and/or run any gun show.  For information beyond what is in the listing users need to contact the promoter of the individual shows.  It is also important that promoters many times change dates and or locations without notifying all of the different advertising outlets of that change.  If you intend to attend a show as a vendor you must contact the promoter to insure that tables are available and that your product is acceptable.  If you are just attending a show that is any distance away it is advised that you contact the promoter before traveling.  Gunshows-USA.com and Kurburski Web Development is not responsible for errors in dates, locations prices, advertised size of shows or any other aspect of an individual listing

    Questions concering our policies and terms of use may be addressed to gunshows@gmail.com or you may call Kurburski Web Development, LLC 870-293-4394  Monday thru Friday 10:00 am-4:00 pm.